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Since 1953, the Campbell Soup Foundation has provided financial support to local champions that inspire positive change in communities throughout the United States where Campbell Soup Company employees live and work. The Foundation places particular emphasis on Camden, N.J., birthplace of Campbell’s flagship soup business and home of our world headquarters.


The Foundation’s grantmaking focuses on three strategic areas which support the mission of Campbell Community Affairs to strengthen and empower healthy communities in Campbell’s hometowns. Those three strategic focus areas are: increasing access to healthy food, encouraging healthy living, and nurturing Campbell neighborhoods.




COVID-19 Community Recovery Grants (CRG)

As of March 2020, our Foundation shifted its focus to COVID-19 relief and recovery. Beginning September 2020, we are running a grant program to provide relief and recovery grants to nonprofits that align with our Foundation mission and focus areas across 33 Campbell communities in North America. Any eligible nonprofit can apply for support through this program, entitled the COVID-19 Community Recovery Grants (CRG) program. For more details on the eligibility criteria, see our grant guidelines.

Partnerships with national nonprofit organizations

In addition to our CRG program, we have an invitation-only grants program designed to support national nonprofit partners who work across many of our Campbell communities in support of a shared mission to strengthen and empower healthy communities.

Employee giving

The Foundation also supports employee giving programs such as volunteer grants and charitable matching.

For information about the Campbell Soup Foundation grant process, including our new grant program focused on COVID-19 relief and recovery, see our grant guidelines.