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We make real food for real people


They trust us to provide food and drink that is good, honest, authentic, and flavorful—made from ingredients that are grown, prepared, cooked, or baked with care.

People love that our food fits their real lives, fuels their bodies, and feeds their souls. And they appreciate knowing what goes into our food, and why—so they can feel good about the choices they make, for themselves and their loved ones.

Old man's hands holding a crate full of fresh and raw vegetables-carrot, tomato, turnib, parsley, dill and lettuce. Field with lettuce plants on background.


Tractor spraying soybean field at spring



What we do every day matters


Families of all kinds rely on our foods. Our people rely on us for a challenging and supportive workplace. Our customers rely on us to help them meet the needs of their customers — profitably.

Communities rely on us to help them thrive. And our shareholders rely on us for solid, sustainable returns. We make the biggest impact for all these groups when we set, and meet, high goals.

Our food encourages people to pause and savor life’s moments


Whether shared or enjoyed alone, every single product we make connects people — to each other, to warm memories, to what’s important today — and invites them to live those moments to their fullest.

Diverse People Hanging Out Drinking Concept


Our purpose has had a profound impact on how we think, talk and act about our food. We are using it as a filter for decision making and have made steady progress, but we realized we needed a more precise definition of real food to drive faster, better and more consistent decisions and outcomes. Enter our?Real Food Philosophy.